Feeling anxious is common and a human experience. For example, we feel nervous before a big meeting or presentation or jittery about a first date. 

However, when anxiety feels like a persistent and daily experience it is an indication we are out of balance. 

Speak [your] truth, even if your voice shakes.

Maggie Kuhn

You may be dealing with anxiety if you connect with one and/or more of the following statements. 

  • I often feel nervous.
  • I feel uncomfortable in my body.
  • I have difficulty concentrating.
  • I often worry about what others think of me. 
  • I constantly feel on guard and work hard to ensure nothing goes wrong. 
  • I am a perfectionist. For instance, there is a constant voice running in my head about how I can be better.
  • I often experience physical sensations such as headaches, stomach aches, back aches, nervous stomach, leg shaking, nervous ticks.
  • I have experienced panic attacks.
  • My feelings feel larger than what is occurring in the present moment.
  • I am afraid I am not enough.
  • I worry about saying the wrong thing. For example, I might replay interactions with others over and over out of concern for saying the wrong thing.
  • I often feel like I am walking on eggshells.
  • I have difficulty focusing.
  • I avoid situations that might cause me to feel more worry.
  • I am very active and have difficulty slowing down and/or sitting still. 

Why you should seek help and how therapy can help you

Often anxiety stems from painful feelings that we have been unable to feel that need to be examined so that we can find new, spontaneous options on how to deal with life on life’s terms. 

I will work with you to find the source of your anxiety and help you to heal it.

The body remembers what the mind forgets.

J. L. Moreno

Healing from chronic anxiety yields

  • The ability to nurture and comfort yourself 
  • Setting healthy boundaries so that your time and energy is your own and you can spend it nourishing your soul
  • Freedom to build the life you desire and deserve
  • Creativity to deal with life 
  • Feeling at home inside your body

Finding calm is within your reach.

Therapy will support you to get to the root cause of your anxiety. 

Giving voice to the fear will allow you to bring your unconscious drivers to the light so that you can unearth your feelings, examine what you need now and heal.  

Take the first step by scheduling a free 15-minute phone consultation. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


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