Relationship Issues

We are hardwired for connection and belonging. 

Stable relationships give us the courage to go for our dreams. 

Many of us have experienced hurt as a part of our relationships. 

These old hurts can show up in the here and now and block us from the love and connection we desire, the connection that provides the stability to thrive.

You may need relational repair work if you connect with any of the following statements or questions. 

  • I want more fulfilling relationships.
  • I have trouble taking in support from others. 
  • I struggle with feeling lonely and/or isolated.
  • Why do I keep choosing the wrong people?
  • I feel stuck in my relationship.
  • I often prioritize the needs of others over my own. 
  • I have difficulty trusting that I can be in a loving, committed relationship. 
  • I want to make my parents proud but my dreams aren’t their dreams. 

Why you should seek help and how therapy can help you

Intimacy often triggers our past pain and it gets played out in today’s relationships. 

The fear that we bring to intimate relationships can make sustaining deep connections difficult.

We can transform relational conflicts into opportunities for discovery and healing. 

By seeking out help you are investing in your present and your future by breaking the cycle of relational pain. 

You’ll know you’re ready for the love of your life when you’ve become the person you’d like to be with.

Dorothy Baldwin Satten, PhD

Healing from relational issues yields

  • Fulfilling connections with others
  • Deeply satisfying intimate relationships
  • Clarity about who I am and what I want in relationship to others
  • Ability to separate the past from the present
  • Confidence to handle relational conflict
  • Tolerance of painful feelings 
  • Knowledge about core issues that get triggered in the here in now
  • Feeling seen and known in relationships
Healing from relationship issues - Mary Catherine, Psychodramatist

You don’t have to settle for the status quo. 

You are worthy of fulfilling relationships.

If any of the above statements resonate with you, I can help. 

I will help you to unpack what is occurring in your present and help you gain clarity about your relational patterns. Increasing your relational consciousness is a game-changer for co-creating the relationships you desire.

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